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Energy Efficiency Retrofits

Comprehensive Energy Efficiency Retrofits can help you achieve your financial and environmental goals simultaneously. Sustainable solutions will generate bottom line profits that return a benefit year after year, while improving building longevity and the health of its residents.

Benefits of Upgrading your Buildings

Business Benefits

  • Lowered operating costs
  • Annual electricity savings
  • Greater tenant retention and attraction/acquisition
  • Increase building (asset) value
  • Longer lifespan and durability of equipment

Social and Environmental Benefits

  • Reduce carbon footprint and impact on environment
  • Improve the health/atmosphere in the building and for its residents
  • Recognition/Certification as a socially responsible business
  • Peer recognition

Contact us to find out what practical and cost-effective solutions can improve your facility’s energy efficiency, reduce energy consumption and eliminate a substantial amount of your building’s utility bills.



Our Clients Have saved: $5,037,964 USD
kWh saved: 75,316,366 kWh
Demand kW Reduced: 9,549 kW
Retrofitted Area: 12,754,592 Sq.Ft.

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