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Green Earth Solutions: Manufacturing + Industrial Space Savings


We often find manufacturers, warehouse and logistics firms require large space with high ceilings, utilizing high consumption lighting. We replace this lighting with highly effective lighting, offering a 5 or 10 year warranty!  Our lighting provides more light for the work area, better colour rendering index (easier on the eyes) and does not produce excessive heat.


Develop a thorough understanding of energy consumption at your property by conducting a free assessment, identifying areas of electrical inefficiency.  We utilize your hydro costs and maintenance costs to build a long term energy efficient solution.


Our solutions reduce energy expenses by 50% or more, we often see reductions of 70%!!  Your business will benefit from budget surpluses, reduced capital expenses and a 5 year Parts and Labour Warranty.  Spend smart, keep your profits!


100 Norfinch Drive - Dorplex $35,735 saved annually, 2.0 year payback

64 Signet Drive - Inkas $41,400 saved annually, 2.3 year payback


Please feel free to Contact Us for more information - we would be more than pleased to answer any questions you may have.


Our Clients Have saved: $5,037,964 USD
kWh saved: 75,316,366 kWh
Demand kW Reduced: 9,549 kW
Retrofitted Area: 12,754,592 Sq.Ft.

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